Prevent being blindsided by your competition

Get automated alerts when your competitors make changes on their site, publish new blog content, start ranking for new keywords, and post on social media.

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Stop researching competition the hard way


Instead, use Competitor Fox

Know when competitors make changes to their website

We'll notify you every time a competitor makes changes to their website – with before and after screenshots.

Whether they're adding a new feature, updating their SEO meta description, changing pricing, or modifying critical CTAs, you'll know as soon as it happens.

Get actionable SEO and keywords data

Ranking well on Google means the difference between dozens of leads and tumbleweeds.

We monitor your competition 24/7:

Find your competitor's top keywords (and how much traffic they're getting from them)

Discover when keyword rankings change for you and your competitors

Uncover your competitor's top-performing pages

Find out new blog posts & social media updates

We monitor your competitor's blog and social media accounts and tell you whenever they publish new content.

Delivering results for your business


For up to 3 competitors
Track up to 3 competitors
Monitor keyword rankings
Get notified about website changes
Get alerts when a new blog post or social updates are published
$5 per month per additional competitor
20% off on annual plans
For Agencies
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Competitor Fox?

Competitor Fox provides actionable marketing, SEO, and product competitor intelligence for busy founders and fast-moving marketing teams.

How does Competitor Fox work?

We monitor your competitors' websites, social media accounts, blog posts, and search engine results pages so that nothing catches you off guard.

We also automate reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly cadence so that you get both bite-sized insights and high-level overviews of your competitive landscape.

Is the 14-day free trial legit?

Absolutely! All new users get a 14-day free trial to discover the full-featured version of Competitor Fox. Missing something? Email us! We appreciate and welcome all feedback.

What happens after the trial?

After the free 14-day trial period ends, you will be billed as per your chosen plan. Cancel anytime before the trial ends and there will be no charge. All payments and refunds are processed via Stripe.

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

You bet! Sign up for an annual plan and save 20% on your bill. Email us at to upgrade at any time.

I have more questions. How do I reach you?

Contact us at our email - We will get back to you at the earliest.

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